On Gut Feelings and Moral Insult

Think about the last time your gut told you not to do something. Was it right or wrong? “...in order to trust my instincts I must first respect them.” ― Scarlett Johansson It’s not often that you’ll find me quoting an actor (especially one with a problematic history). I often don’t know many actors by name. I’m the same with songs. I can hum the melody and pick out some words, but I can’t tell you who sang it. That’s all besides the point except to illustrate that I’m speaking from a seat of privilege about a concept that’s everything but. I’m aiming to make an association that’s 100% disproportionate (but that I hope is not inappropriate). And I’ll be clear in my intent: I’m drawing this parallel to query how I tap into my own gut feelings, invite you to tap into yours, and use that sense of injustice within to consider the impact that others must face too.

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