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More about Andrea:
Andrea Nakayama is an internationally known Functional Medicine Nutritionist, educator, speaker and founder of Functional Nutrition Alliance, and host and producer of the 15-Minute Matrix podcast. Andrea is leading a movement to transform the health industry into a system that WORKS, empowering patients and practitioners alike with the systems and tools of Functional Nutrition. 

Her passion for this nutrition revolution came as a result of a personal family tragedy. Her young husband, Isamu, was diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor while she was just seven weeks pregnant with their only child. It was in overcoming his prognosis of six months and prolonging his life for another two years that Andrea's expanding interest in food as personalized medicine, especially for those suffering chronic health challenges, became her full-time passion and purpose.

While Andrea’s work in the field started with client care, she soon grew a following of other practitioners interested in learning the approaches that lead to her successful client outcomes, even for those who were chronically ill. It was then that she created Full Body Systems, her online training program for coaches and clinicians. Andrea has now trained over 6,000 practitioners in over 65 countries. While that reach continues to grow, Andrea is now also determined to turn her attention back to the patient, in an effort to elevate how we, as patients, exercise our own self-health, and become the CEO, not just of our healthcare team, but of our own health and healing journey. 

Please note that this initiative is not associated with Functional Nutrition Alliance. Instead it is an independent venture connected to Andrea’s growing body of work at the forthcoming

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